Doxxing and why it is wrong (to me)

Well, I was partially doxxed a few weeks ago. It wasn't a fun feeling. Honestly I was more nervous for people I knew rather than myself. That is I was pretty calm about it until I learned that the person behind it was wanted for stalking and alleged assault. Now I really didn't have a dog in the online drama that caused it. I think all I did was retweet something about PoC in the game industry or something and I guess I was "guilty by association". Not only did the doxxers find out my playful social media stuff but they had some IRL stuff that I thought wouldn't be associated with what they are doing.

I had to change up all my social networks, even old ones as that was an avenue for whoever these people are to track me down. Granted I knew certain things like old addresses were easily accessible thanks to directories but I managed to take them all down. I guess it helped since it seems to have died down and I guess I wasn't a "big threat" but still that was pretty intense for a while.

Now I know that many are fond of sharing things like their pictures, etc and for some people that means that "hey if it's out there then it's ok!".

But I don't think that means people should be malicious with it. I mean thank god no one has called up my grandparents or sent death threats to me like I've seen happen to people I know but still. It's just weird. Why me? I'm just "small fry".

I feel like I can talk about this now since I had to start over. I used to think it could never happen to me.

Workout routine change

I figure it's time I've incorporated more to my workout. My right shoulder blade area has healed and I can lift my arm over my head without feeling any pain. I took it easy the first few weeks since I was worried that if I made it worse I would need surgery.
I will continue to take my time since I hope to start fencing in the summer.

I'll be looking up some exercises specifically for that as well as some abdominal area routines as well. Someone tipped me off to a cool tumblr called BackOnPointe which has exercises for target areas.
I also am in a Fitocracy group with some friends so we are doing a good job working out together despite our schedules.

Back in session!

School started on Monday and though I have my classes paid for, a weird thing keeps happening. I am unable to access all but one on Blackboard. I am trying to contact my instructors and hope they keep me on the schedule as I am not sure when orientation is up for some of them.

I did start my internship. The people in one department really enjoy my enthusiasm and talked about how they often do "trainee" hiring for those who are maybe 1 semester or two classes away from their degree. Hopefully as time goes on I can prove that I am worthy of this hiring practice. If not that's ok because I'll have some recommendations filed.

I met a frequent visitor of the place who identified himself as the city historian. He had overheard me talking about my aspirations and invited me to check out the museum and a chance to volunteer and work with his team on some research and archiving.

I think this semester is off to a good start, just need to make sure I do good in my math course since it's a month to month thing.

So long for now.
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Happy New Year!


I still can't get over it, I feel like it's around 2010.
Time flies fast and here we are in the middle of the decade!
I blame Marvel movies and now shows since I tend to look forward to the releases.
I'm going to make this year my year. I hope others are able to do the same.
Work has slowed down, I'm still new on the job so I couldn't be doing the big end of the year parties though they didn't mind if I job shadowed them. I also have an internship coming up next semester.
I'm hoping I'll be able to sign up for fencing classes by the middle of the year, that is if I can afford it. Will start looking at some gear to prepare for it.

A bit sore but I'll be ok

My first day on the job went well. After the setup I had a lot of fun. I think I pulled a muscle lifting some of the poles used to set up the booth so I had to skip going to the gym today. Hopefully I will be able to go tomorrow, though I'll take it easy.

Ain't Nothin Going on but the Rent

Well, this week is a bit stressful considering I have finals and projects to wrap up. Also I'm a bit anxious about this weekend as it'll be my first day on the job. Some good news though, I received an email confirming my internship at the local library so I very happy about that. I need to go chat with another branch's librarians to see what library technicians tend to do there. I will use that info to write up a brief outline of what my internship will be about and bring it with me when I meet the head of the libraries and my future supervisor.

Finals + first week on the job

So I gotta get ready for finals, I appreciate the professors giving out some last minute repentance with submitting assignments past due. Between that and working on some projects I should be ready to knock them out.

Also I should be getting my first job assignments next week. I'm going to try to knock out the first ten so I can get that payroll promotion quick!


I feel that I would make a good employee if I showed some initiative. I'll call in tomorrow and set up a time I can go to the home office and learn to set up the dj and photo booths so I can have some experience before I go to my first gig next week.
I know that the first thing I'll most do is work as a photo booth operator so I should focus on some troubleshooting scenarios as well. I have a nice outfit and I have the visitor's pass to get onto base so I am well prepared!

I got the job!

Alright, so I finally got the job. I don't start until next month but I already have my outfits ready to go.
Just glad to start getting paid again, I have so much I want to do next year!

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Managed to pass the first interview. The interviewer mentioned to me that the second half is during a training event next week. I feel that this is so they can observe if I can follow directions, work well as a team/individual etc. I'll find out tomorrow if I'm called back for that.